Wednesday, 3 January 2007

just dont know anymore...

There is something deep inside us both
The day has come and gone when we both Let it show
It was a day I had been waiting for,
Not knowing if you wanted it too
Everything felt so right,
yet so wrong I wanted things to keep going
But I knew you had someone else
Someone you loved, who loves you
So I knew things were going to stop

I don't know what to do
I can't control my mind I look in my heart
But the answers I just can't find
But now when I talk to you
It seems as if it all had to end.
Because am not there anymore,
so lets just forget it all..
i don't wana hope..
i dnt wana dream...
So lets just wine up the tape of life..
and ill face the truth..
Love in my life is like sand,
I give it care and attention, T
hen a strong gust of wind sifts it through my hand, I lose yet again ...


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